AgentMuffin, Agent or Muffin for short, and also known as the destroyer of Scratch cats, is a character based on one of BedrockPerson's online "friends." Agent first appeared in SM64: The Oven, such named for being his debut.

In Super Mario 64, AgentMuffin wears a light blue shirt and hat, navy overalls, dark red shoes, and no gloves. He also has blue eyes and blond hair.

In canon, Muffin is never seen suitless in his home dimension of the G-Verse. This can offer a secondary explanation as to his pale skin, the primary one being that BedrockPerson's recording software sucks.


  • Muffin's name comes from an incident involving bake sales and nitroglycerin. This comes much to his displeasure, as he constantly insists that his real name be used.
  • His greatest goal in life is to bring all the Scuttlebugs together for some big jamboree. This Is Now Canon, Bitch.