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Angels are servants of various Gods, including Master Hand

The Collective of Angels

The Collective refers to a group of four angels.


AzraelSamael, or Pachelbel refers to the Angel of Death. He is notable for featuring total pure eyes and being totally black. He wields a Sword of Fire.


  • Ordinarily, Uriel is portrayed as wielding the Sword of Fire.


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Metatron is described as the right hand of God. He is also described as the Chancellor of Heaven, the recorder for all souls that pass away. He wields a Sword of Light.


  • Metatron also refers to an important archangel in Judaism.
  • The antithesis of Metatron is Adramelech.


Uriel is the Light of God. He is one of the protectors of God's throne. He wields a Sword of Gold.
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Michael is considered the most one of the most important archangels. He guards Israel and commands others, after God. He wields a regular sword because fuck him.
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