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“Little sobbing clowns.”
―XJ-9041 in the Database File 030 Interview

Anomaly XJ-9041 is the detainee name for an unknown entity caught by Compound squadrons.  He is responsible for the brutal abuse of 14 children, in which he ripped off their fingernails and painted their face with blood.


XJ's physical appearance is hard to describe.  He appears to be a mix of distorted, oddly bent appendages stuck to a humanoid torso with legs, finished off with the refreshing color of bloodstain red.

Role in Canon

After XJ has been detained by squadrons, he was set to be interrogated by an interviewer.  There, he spoke in confusing, cryptic sentences that seem to be of no relevance e.g. "No one is safe", "I agree to nothing", while proudly confessing what he did to those 14 children.

Besides that, XJ claimed that he was from a "World of Bone" and that killing is what "we" do best, implying that there are more than one XJ-9041.  However, the entity stopped answering after saying those sentences, saying that he needs rest.

A latter interview with XJ-9041 revealed more about him and his kind. The anomaly claims that "we" are the darkest souls in the human mind, those that attempt to revive the basic animal instinct that causes humans to go dark.  His crypticness and some unknown malaise he spreads in his presence causes the Interviewer to commit suicide.

It is later revealed that XJ-9041 is a specimen of a sinful race that resides permanently in Tzoah Rotachat, otherwise known as The World of Bone, or Eternal Damnation.


  • XJ-9041 likes calling people "friends", because it fits well in his mouth.