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Azrael (עזראל), Samael (סמאל), Q/D/Š (קדש), The Holy Spirit (רוח הקודש), or Pachelbel (פכלבל) is the Angel of Death. Azrael wields a sword of fire. He debuted in Joe and Jerry Learn the Truth.

Azrael doesn't speak. Notable are his pure white eyes and black body. He has 2-12 wings.

Usually, what little he does convey is distinguished by shaking text.

Azrael seems to have a rather naïve and innocuous outlook on the world, as suggested by his journal entries. He seems to enjoy violin music, the Hebrew canon and Biblical apocrypha. Ordinarily Azrael keeps a calm pacifistic demeanor, though has been shown to be incredibly aggressive when agitated.


  • In Judaism, Azrael, meaning "with the help of God", is the name used to denote the Angel of Death, who takes life from the body. Samael is the name used to denote the archangel who takes the soul from the body.
  • Azrael appears to wear a suit and tie, judging by what appears to be the latter thrashing around as it moves.
  • Azrael is in fact a brainwashed version of bedrockperson