Here is an interview conducted by BedrockPerson on another website:

Interviewer: So, Mr. are you?

BP: Good, good. I'd like to ask that you not mention my real name.

Interviewer: Um...ok. Ok, so first question, did you ever see yourself where you are right now at this time when you were first starting out?

BP: I'll be honest, I had that casual YouTube noob attitude or rather PewDiePie wannabe complex when I first joined. I expected to be where I am now much sooner, and figured I'd be much more ahead by this point.

Interviewer: Who was your inspiration?

BP: Here's when that noob complex comes back, for the Minecraft series....[sighs] BlueXephos.

Interviewer: What about everything else?

BP: Um......well for my bloopers I drew inspiration from my friend's materials as well as other sources. Namely SuperMarioGlitchy4. The various Half Life series were just me really.

Interviewer: Going back to your Minecraft series, do you feel the need to continue it?

BP: Glad you asked, I notice that now my SM64 vids get close to 30 views a day, yet anything else is just......3 views a week. Minecraft is where I started, it got me my first...I don't know....6 subs? Of course I want to finish it, but I mean...I don't do it just for the views, I do it because I like it.

Interviewer: What are your thoughts on this "Decay_The_Witherer" you claim to have stalking you in-game?

BP: Not answering.

Interviewer: When are you releasing the twelfth part of your Minecraft series?

BP: Not answering.

Interviewer: So, when do you think you're releasing your next blooper?

[No response]

Interviewer: Anything?

BP: Every Friday, unless circumstances get in the way, like for example, I can't upload my next blooper until at least October 10th.

Interviewer: What are your plans for the bloopers?

BP: At least 2 more "Extravagent Adventure" videos, obviously the conclusion of The Return 2, and after that, not sure. Most are just improv.

Interviewer: How about Sigma?

BP: All I'll say on that matter is that it will conclude Gary's story.

Interviewer: Will you ever show your face to the world?

BP: No.

Interviewer: Any final thoughts?

BP: No, I'm good, just the fact that I just made up this entire interview.