ΞΞ welcome to the compound xi internetwork chat ΞΞ


uΞ641 has joined the chat!

uΞ641: Please God

uΞ641: Please God is someone here?

uΞ641: I can't die alone.

uυ183: tommy? is that you?

uΞ641: Tom Jonnes, yes? Who are you?

uυ183: It's Melinda.

uΞ641: Oh Christ. M? I thought you were dead?

uυ183: Upsilon was only raided, a good chunk of us survived.

uΞ641: m i'm going to die

uυ183: what??

uΞ641: whoever hacked koppa's defenses launched a V8 at us. can't get out. eta's 2 minutes.

uυ183: what about the transit??

uΞ641: our pods was at epsilon undergoing upgrades. the closest compound was mu, that's gone too. can't go out like this m i can't die

uυ183: tommy just stay on the line every second

uΞ641: the sirens are up now. i love you so godadmn much

uυ183: You know… In another future, we got to grow old together.

uΞ641: I know.

uΞ641 has left the chat!