SM64 Blooper Dylan and Kazi's Extravagant Adventure

SM64 Blooper Dylan and Kazi's Extravagant Adventure

Dylan and Kazi's Extravagant Adventure is a blooper made by Bedrock. The video stars DylanDylan54321 and SonicFan13. Nintendoteen202 and RedPandaMan1011 make their debut in this blooper. 


The blooper starts off with everyone in a hype as the castle's new security alarm has deteced an unknown person coming towards the castle. Mario charges down the stairs armed with a rocket launcher, but misfires and hits Toad. The person is revealed to be RedPandaMan1011, who Jacob had of course invited over. He meets up with Nintendoteen202, who has somehow managed to break in undetected. Dylan seems bored, so Jacob suggests he go on a vacation to his private island. He takes Kazi along as well. After Kazi nearly drowns, the two go into the "beach house", which on the outside seems like a shanty hut, but on the inside is like a hotel. Eventually they get bored and decide to go home, but realize neither of them have a map. They swim away for hours and they come across the small walled-in island known as Glowshire Kingdom. Kazi treads up to the castle to ask for help, but is stopped by a guard. Kazi explains his predicament, and the guard says the nearest land is miles across the ocean. He takes Kazi and Dylan onto a ship as he sets sail. They land on a beach and the guard sails away, unaware he's lead Dylan and Kazi back to the beach house. Finally, Kazi comes up with an idea, and the duo ride the trees back to Peach's Castle. Kazi and Dylan are glad to be home, but Jacob insists they didn't miss much anyways. As Dylan takes the bags to their room, he hears someone yelling for help. Dylan follows the screams to find that Jacob has kidnapped and imprisoned kiddy-the-dragon. Kiddy asks Dylan for help, but he just strolls away with a look of content on his face.



  • This blooper was made to commemorate Dylan reaching 50 subscribers