“My name? Son, I've had many names, Ha-Satan, Apollyon, Hades, Cronus, Mors, Lucifer, Iblis, Mara, Adolf, point is, names change, I don't.”
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The Gascot (conceptualized as Gashead or Gasman, officially noted as Phenomenon #061, Ḥotei Rabbati/"The Great Sinner" (חוֹטֵא רַבָּתִי), Ha-Satan, The Beast, or "The Son") is an entity first seen in ICU. The Gascot has a variety of powers, he has the ability to control video distortion, and appears to be of adequate strength, being capable of totally decimating a high-tech camera. Gascot has also been observed teleporting and using tendrils for various purposes, such as locomotion and hunting. 

Gascot is the Devil. Though not the Devil described by real world religions such as Christianity, he is effectively the embodiment of pure evil and is thus comparable to the Devil of the Garryverse. This religious and otherworldly side of him contrast to his formerly anomalistic and monster-esque image is revealed in the events of the JaJLtT series.  In the Tzoah Rotachat he reaches true potential and dwells over the evil denizens residing there.  He also uses his powers to hunt down and mutilate unpunished sinners and bring them into Mabohk, a maze-like realm where he toys with and punishes souls until they are ready to be distributed to any of the four Underworlds.


The Gascot is hard to pin down exactly. His personality has changed and continues to change at present.

Before the rabbit hole, Gascot was totally silent, save for an occasional whisper and shushing. The Gascot moved in both a blocky and uncoordinated manner, as well as a smooth fluid manner. The latter is mainly observed as it is walking around, the former when it tries to move its body in other ways (moving its arm, kneeling, etc.) The Gascot seemed to have an almost insane psych, though seems to be sane and capable at times. This came in "the rabbit hole", where it was seen kneeling, holding his head (making it look like he was crying or screaming), and thrashing about violently. The Gascot never directly harmed anyone, or anything, except it does have a peculiar behavior around cameras, though this can be chalked up as a want to not be observed.

The Gascot got a total character remodeling after "how long is forever?", where he has been shown to be much more powerful than what he lets on, murderous, more shocking, and even more demonic. The Gascot even speaks widely in a demonic, deep, somewhat British sounding voice in "six impossible things"

In The Dimensional Discrepancy 2 he appears to retain most of the aforementioned qualities, except now seems more neutral and level-headed. While still diabolic and sociopathic, Gascot takes on a calm and composed demeanor, though still seems to have his usual intentions. Gascot does however, seem to take on a bit more character, even going as far as removing his mask. He seems to be more emotional than usual, cradling the corpses of soldiers and looking on presumably affectionately at the G-Squad rolling out to prepare for a battle. This is furthered in CORRUPTUS. As time progresses in the movie Gascot "dies down" so to speak. He droos his mysterious character, and seems to even regress into slight fear. Gascot turns the tables and becomes undeniably benevolent by the end of the movie. Postmortem shows us Gascot's true identity, and thus his following appearances encompass another personality change accordingly.

In the Requiescat In Pace series, Gascot is more enraged then insane. In fact, his sanity is almost totally out of question.

In the era of Joe and Jerry Learn the Truth, Gascot's insanity seems to be purely selective. He appears to have adopted more of bedrock's lethargic, akratic, and apathetic appearance.


  • Similar to Canyouseethewords and The Candleverse, the term "Gascot" comes from Creepypasta, namely Room Zero.
  • The name "Gascot" may be a portmanteau of the words "Gas" and "Mascot".
  • Gascot seems to have a Russian/Soviet affinity judging by his dialogue/attire.
  • Oddly enough, in CORRUPTUS Gascot describes being freed from "the Administrator" by another entity, but before we can see this entity's entirety the screen cuts to black. All that is known is that the entity is totally black and carried an axe.
  • Gascot actually is bedrockperson from the future after being revived at the end of The Dimensional Discrepancy 2.
  • Gascot's anomaly designation "GC-4507" is a l33t speak anagram for "GasCot"