ICU is the 215th video made by BedrockPerson. It is notable for featuring the debut of Gascot.


The video begins with grainy security footage outside Compound Mu. Around 15 seconds in, the footage is overtaken by strange distortion, before being forcefully turned around to reveal a strange masked figure before the footage completely degrades.


  • The title of the video is an obvious allusion to the phrase "I see you", which has since become iconic for Gascot.
  • The description names the then-unnamed Compound Mu Stronghold Lambda, whereas the dimension is known as Mu. The designation of Mu was later mistakenly transferred to the area itself and the dimension itself now remains without an official designation.
    • The description also names bedrockperson with the codename "low." This is an obvious reference to bedrock's current Steam username "low. bedrockperson"