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The Mabohk

The Mabohk (מָבּוֹך) (literally meaning, "maze" or "labyrinth", pronounced /'mɑbaʊk'/, mäbōKH), is a strange twisted dimension frequented by Gascot and/or certain victims he has claimed. Introduced in Don't Fall Down, the Mabohk seems to be a place where Gascot has otherworldly power, or at the very least a place where his powers are exercised more frequently. Mark of The Beast suggests the Mabohk constantly changes layout and appearance, with the exception of at least three locations: a room of stone coffins where captured victims ultimately are confined to in the Mabohk, a large outstretching path accompanied by large swinging pillars intended to cast someone off the path, and a gate with twelve locks which Gascot alone uses to leave the Mabohk. The Gate is itself a point of mystery, as Gascot can leave the Mabohk at any point at any location. Catch and Release describes the Gate as a "holy place", Gascot takes his activities elsewhere when exposed to it.

The Mabohk is described as a hellish maze with a constant presence of dull green. Passages can range from impossible geometries to meticulously refined hallways to decaying areas not uncommon in appearance to regular world architecture.

When describing events in the Mabohk, capitalization is seldom used, save for quotations or when referring to Gascot through pronouns. Whether or not the Mabohk was created by Gascot or was some other dimension Gascot appropriated for his own use is unknown, but in either event he seems to have a good idea of however physics work in the maze. Once a prisoner is brought to the Mabohk, it is near impossible to escape of one's own volition. While totally possible to find the Gate by one's self, Gascot seems to indicate that no one will escape unless he lets them out through the Gate. Whether anyone but Gascot can actually open the gate remains to be seen.

Despite victims usually being mutilated in ways detrimental to body structure before entering the Mabohk, prisoners are usually unaffected by their injuries, to an extent. An example of this would be Harry Aman, who despite losing his throat, eyes, and legs before being taken to the Mabohk is able to see, talk, and move around unfeigned. Whether this is Gascot's doing or if the Mabohk has some sort of inhibition factor tied to it is unknown.