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Nandemo Ejji Hanshu, also known by many names including PURE EDGE, הסיבה, tHe CoRrUpTiOn, 岩盤人, 구급차를 호출, The Potato on the Back of the Computer, and Samseong, is the god and master of edge. He is a completely apricot-colored being that usually appears in the form of Mario's Super Mario 64 model. He is well-intentioned but moves and talks in an incredibly creepy, broken-seeming fashion. Nandemo also tends to drift into other languages than English, and languages that he butchers just as horribly as English, no less.

He is an edgelord legend. The few times his speech is coherent, he appears to be rambling cynically about foreign affairs and the United States' 2008 presidential elections at the most random times and in the most politically incorrect ways possible.


In SM64, Nandemo is also able to summon anything from that game into existence, but the objects are limited to their physics, behavior, and quirks from that game. This may seem like a rather limited power until you watch some of pannenkoek2012's videos. Meanwhile, in his Gmod form, he is unharmed by edges, and can make corners and spikes and stuff at will, because edges.


  • Nandemo's original "official" name was Samseong, which is literally just the Korean pronunciation of "Samsung".
  • everyone is edge
  • there is no escape from the edge
  • Nandemo appears to have a few catchphrases, including "cake", "트럼펫을위한 투표", "#GhettoLife", "Haben Sie Fragen?", "obtain zero ranged, inmate", and "神は私たちのすべてを憎みます!" He seems to use them for precisely no reason at all.
  • His "heart" is actually a GameBoy Advance cartridge with a botched port of Google Translate on it.