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NationOfOranges696 is a YouTuber, YouTube Pooper and Wikia user. He has a color code of himself, but has not made a SM64 blooper yet. He appears in BedrockPerson's videos as a minor character. He has confirmed that he will get to make a blooper anytime soon™, but is still looking for ideas.


The first time he discovered Mario-related bloopers dates back to 2009. One of the very first bloopers he watched (as he remembers) was MarioMario54321's video "Mario Kart 64 Bloopers: Peach's Birthday". It wasn't until early 2013 when he really got into SM64 bloopers when he discovered one of SMG4's bloopers. He was amazed by how funny his bloopers were and that is the turning point to where he is now a fan of SM64 bloopers. A year later, still being a fan of SMG4, he made some YouTube Poops that involve his bloopers where he has at 800 subscribers as a tribute to SMG4 as he liked his bloopers a lot as his liking habits grew. However, SMG4 discovered one of his YTPs, liked and commented on the videos, making his fans come to his videos and made him surge into popularity. By May 2014, he created his own color code, which can be found below, which describes the character model having orange overalls, green shirt and hat, light green gloves, and red shoes. By July, his color code made a first appearance in SM64 bloopers in BedrockPerson's video "The Return 2 (Part 1)".



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  • Hardly anybody, but there seem to be some offensive SMG4 fans on his poops prompting themselves to hate him for "stealing" SMG4's videos.