yeah still having trouble believing that even went down

I know right? Like dude that isn't a natural thing

well how the hell are we going to fix it

Caution! The Neue Database is of questionable canonicity. Proceed using all Neue Services at your own risk.

Welcome error! to the chat!


Hi there

so last Friday, crazy huh.



what even

are we going

Definietly. Still recovering from it. What do we do

to do

oh wow you both just sniped each other there

anyway i think

So are you going to say it or

its just crazy that theres yet another god now

well from our past experience, is it really that surprising?

oh and by the way,

You have a poitn there but its honestly ridiculous how many there are.

is it me, or is it really hard to tell anyone apart on this chat?

Like is the number even finite? Or are there just limitless

aw yeah things got really confusing when you joined

before that it was just the two of us

Because if that's the case

yeah sorry, but still, the place really needs some better coding!

Then we may be sorta screwed.

agreed like srsly even bad chat systems have username labels

somehow i doubt they could be infinite, but hey, you never know

Welcome AGENTMUFFIN to the chat!


Hey what

You guys should know by know that I kiiiinda suck at "real" programming!

well yes but obectively speaking its just not good

sorry, but i gotta agree there

So ANYWAY, that wacky nandemo guy eh? eh? Please stop arguing

People. Feel lucky that, bugs and all, I could even implement this. You people are so ungrateful sometimes. I had serious work to do and I diverted my attention to working on this, for you.

Someone left the chat…

wow i didnt even need to make a counterarguement myself


chat completely crashes sometimes


Well I uh

case in point man

the software doesnt even tell you who left

either way, i think you should stop arguing. we have serious matters here to discuss.

can't be a to big threat if he cant communicate understandably


well look whos a smartass

yk what i meant

Well at least I don'You left the chat…