The Oven is the n'th blooper i don't fucking know made by BedrockPerson. It features the debut of a new character in the SM64 Universe, a G-Squad mamber named Agent "Muffin"
SM64 The Oven

SM64 The Oven


The video starts with Jacob talking to G-Squad members about a shipment of drugs Master Hand is preventing them for delivering. The falsely promise sending a liaison, and end up choosing "Muffin" out on a whim. Meanwhile, Gascot shoots one of the former mutineers.

Muffin arrives at the castle via a portal with the drugs. After some introducing, the castle attacks the gang and Muffin tells them the story of how he got his name. A while back, in an attempt to aid a co-worker in controlling his heart disease, Muffin loaded muffins at a bake sale with nitroglycerin. Not realizing his mistake, he attempts to show everyone the chemical is safe, and ends up exploding a bunch of people. Jacob then suicide bombs the castle out of boredom.