SM64 Blooper The Monster-0

SM64 Blooper The Monster-0


The Monster is the 9th blooper made by BedrockPerson. It introduces Zenon, Freezeflame22, and SonicFan13




Mario Fangamer




Zenon (debut)

Freezeflame22 (debut)

SonicFan13 (debut)


Jacob and Toad are talking, and Toad comments Jacob's face looks different (an inside joke as Jacob changed his color code). Suddenly, Freezeflame22 walks in and Neil flips out, but calms down until he sees Zenon arrive as well. Zenon steps out and hears extremely loud roaring, and sees a creature. SonicFan13 then runs up to him telling him to run away. SF13 barges into the castle and tells everyone there's a monster outside. mario freaks out and blocks the door, trapping Zenon outside. Suddenly Zenon bursts in and rips off Mario's legs. Jacob goes metal and runs outside, and the same scene suddenly repeats itself. The gang deduce the creature may control time and that it's urgent they defeat it. Jacob ends up failing as Freezeflame calls the military. Soon enough the military arrive and begin firing upon the monster. Eventually they go to their last resort: nuking the castle. The army evacuates the castle and pull out to launch a missile at it. The screen flashes as the sound of an explosion is heard.

Then, military operatives are heard communicating over a radio. As a soldier responds there is a loud roar and the transmission is cut off. As the Command tries to restablish contact, through a garbled message a grim soldier is heard saying, "Help's still alive..."


  • This is the last blooper made with a PAL emulator
  • This is the last "improper" blooper Jacob made.