SM64 Blooper The Rescue II

SM64 Blooper The Rescue II

The Rescue II is an SM64 blooper by BedrockPerson. The blooper stars Bedrock, Nintendoteen202, Yeti and the main antagonist Nintendoteen101.


Jacob and Neilstar are talking after what seems to be a long day. Yeti suddenly bursts in to tell Jacob that he and Nintendoteen202 need help finding a YouTuber thatcwas kidnapped. Jacob agrees to assist Yeti and NT202, with Jacob warning NT202 he'll hit him if the YouTuber is Starman3. They arrive at a farmhouse which is out in the middle of nowhere. Inside, they find out that NT202's doppelganger NT101 has kidnapped the YouTuber, who happens to be MCGustavo.  Yeti then proceeds to beat the everliving shit out of NT101 while a horrified, but seemingly calm Nintendoteen assures Yeti he can stop, to which Yeti tells him he might have killed NT101. While all this is going on, Jacob rescues Gustavo. Then Jacob delivers the final blow with the help of his trees, which knocks NT101 out cold. While it doesn't show it in the video, NT202 then took that time to call the police who then basically drag NT101 to jail. 


  • There's a running gag that some characters are "a couple episodes early", such as White Noise and the Star World counterparts of Jacob and EmigasFist
  • NT101's color code is actually the same as the Glowshire Castle Guard from Dylan and Kazi's Extravagent Adventure. This was unintentional.
  • Starman3 is briefly mentioned by Jacob.