[We open with a shot of the lobby, a figure walks into the shot]

Guquiz: Good evening, I am Guquiz. Today, we will be looking at some jokes and other shit that just didn't make it into Jacob's bloopers. Doesn't that sound fun?


Guquiz: Look this is the closest thing you're getting to a blooper this week so you might as well watch it. Alright, so let's start.

[Guquiz runs off screen only to suddenly come back]

Guquiz: Oh um...the plot in which these jokes are to are most likely different from the final plot... So...they may not make sense [beat] Here we go!

[Large text spells out "FROZEN Reference - Cut from: The Life Competition]

[Cut to Neil wandering in a snowy land]

Neilstar007: OK Jacob! We just need to find the mitten to win the scavenger hunt!

Jacob (off-screen): Hey Neil?

Neil: Yeah?

[Cut to Jacob standing next to a snowman]

Jacob: ♫ Do you wanna build a snowman? ♫ 

Neil: NO!!

Jacob: OK fine! God.

[Large text spells out "Comic Relief - Cut from: The Life Competition]

[Shot of NiftyFan290, Neil and MarioFan are arguing]

NiftyFan290: I am sensing a lot of negativity here, we need to get some laughs... Ooh! How about Jacob? He could say something really offensive!

Neil (off-screen): Oh yeah MarioFan? Think I suck at life?! I'LL PROVE I DON'T!

NiftyFan290: Or Zenon! He could say a funny German word!

MarioFan7070 (off-screen): NO I STICK BY IT! YOU SUCK AT LIFE!!

Neil (off-screen): OH IT'S ON NOW!!

[Scene switches to Neil]


NiftyFan290 (off-screen): ZENON!


MarioFan7070 (off-screen): OH YEAH! YOU ARE ON!!!

Neil: LET'S DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Neil runs off screen, as Zenon comes running down the stairs panting, he takes a moment]


[Switch to NiftyFan290, beat]

Nifty: JACOB!!

[Large text spells out "The Trees - Cut from: Dylan and Kazi's Extravagant Adventure]

[Shot of the castle courtyard, trees suddenly descend from the sky as SonicFan13 hops off of one]

SonicFan13: Thanks trees!

Tree: Our sentience was a secret for centuries...then ONE pine tree had to open his mouth!

SonicFan13: EY! Back into position!

[The trees return to their original placements as Kazi walks away]

[Large text spells out "Break his Neck - Cut from: The Rescue II]

[Y3TI is seen in the barn from the climax of the blooper]

Y3TI: So, any last words Nintendoteen101?

[Nintendoteen101 is on the ground]


[Cut to Nintendoteen202]

Nintendoteen202: OK Jacob, now you can break his neck.

[Cut back to Nintendoteen101]

Nintendoteen101: Wait what?

[A loud snap is heard as Nintendoteen101 falls to the ground, cut to Nintendoteen202]

Nintendoteen202: Um... [looks at Jacob]

[Cut to Jacob giving a very unsurprised and bland look]

Jacob: Yeah I can break necks with my mind

[Large text spells out "Surpise! - Cut from: The Fight]

[Mario is hunched over panicking]

Mario: Oh god he's here!

[The Anti-Mario comes into the room and sees Mario in front of him, he cautiously approaches]